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  • Weight Loss Workbook £5
    Chart your progress and gain key principles with this handy weight loss workbook to use with the weight loss audios. Provides step by step techniques to assist you in your weight loss journey to help you stay motivated to keep track of your food and exercise logs.
  • Curb Emotional Eating £39.99
    This hypnosis audio tackles unhealthy cravings and contains hundreds of positive affirmations aimed at removing poor food choices
  • Easy Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio £39.99
    This audio download contains over 100 weight loss affirmations designed to aid natural weight loss. By using effective multi track positive suggestions the conscious mind absorbs effective weight loss suggestions and transforms your mindset on hunger, food choices, appetite and much more.
  • Body Confidence £29
    Super charge your confidence while you sleep! This hypnosis audio replaces limiting thoughts with ultimate confidence affirmations to help you feel amazing on your weight loss journey.