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  • Mind Calm Treatments

    • Book a 1 Hour Massage £79
      Luxurious VIP Treatment! Lomi Lomi, Relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones Massage or Sports Massage. Great for mild stress and tension.
    • Book a 90 minutes Massage £105
      Complete VIP Treatment. Highly recommended cloud nine experience. Lomi Lomi, Relaxing Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stones Massage or Sports Massage. Great for mistreated muscles, knots and pains.
    • Book a 45 minutes Massage £54 £54
      45 minutes from a choice of Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue massage, Hot stones massage or a combination of massage styles. Bonus 15 Minutes For Monthly Members.
    • Office Massage

      Decrease stress, increase productivity and boost morale at your workplace with an in-office desk massage. A happy team makes for higher productivity and better results.
      • 2 Hours Desk Massage £100
        2 Hours desk massage services 6 employees at 15 minutes massage per person.
      • 2 Hours Desk Massage £120
        2 Hours desk massage services around 12 employees at 10 minutes massage per person.
      • 3 Hours Desk Massage £180
        3 Hours Desk Massage services 12 employees at 10 minutes massage per person.
      • Weight Loss Hypnosis

        Lose weight easily with hypnotic suggestions. This self developments audio impacts on your conscious mind and slowly shifts your thinking pattern around areas such as hunger, food choices, exercise activities and many others.
        • Weight Loss Workbook £5
          Chart your progress and gain key principles with this handy weight loss workbook to use with the weight loss audios. Provides step by step techniques to assist you in your weight loss journey to help you stay motivated to keep track of your food and exercise logs.
        • Curb Emotional Eating £39.99
          This hypnosis audio tackles unhealthy cravings and contains hundreds of positive affirmations aimed at removing poor food choices
        • Body Confidence £29
          Super charge your confidence while you sleep! This hypnosis audio replaces limiting thoughts with ultimate confidence affirmations to help you feel amazing on your weight loss journey.
        • Massage Special Offer by Libby 40% Off! £42
          Let's Make Your Day Much Better! 40% Off Massage Special Offer. Expertly delivered by outstanding deep tissue therapist Libby. She is well regarded by massage enthusiasts for her quality approach to relieving muscular tension.
    • Exclusive Offers

    • NEW! Early Bird 1 Hour Massage £70
      £5 off for you early birds! Start your day right with a morning massage
    • Easy Weight Loss Hypnosis Audio £39.99
      This audio download contains over 100 weight loss affirmations designed to aid natural weight loss. By using effective multi track positive suggestions the conscious mind absorbs effective weight loss suggestions and transforms your mindset on hunger, food choices, appetite and much more.
  • Diamond Members Massage Free
    Diamond members only. Exclusive half price massage membership.
  • Book a 3D Self Improvement Massage £130
    The first of its kind. The 3D self improvement program incorporates powerful positive affirmations into your massage session allowing you to benefit from both physical and mental rejuvenation. Brilliant combination for those who need an incredible life boost!
  • Full Hypnosis Weight Loss Package £110
    The full easy weight loss package contains all 3 hypnosis slimming audios plus the workbook. Excellent value as it has all the self development audios and workbooks you need all in one!
  • Birthday Special

    Birthday Special Offer
  • Monthly Subscribers 60 Minute Massage £54
  • Monthly Subscribers 90 Minute Massage £74.99